• 26 training methods of resistance belt

    26 training methods of resistance belt: side inverse, front actions, rowing, external rotation, reach, dental, resistance push-up, deep squat, supreme, single knee, supra, make chest, pushing in the chest pressure, Bending, tall hip, standing grace, standing, standing, l...
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  • Training with elastics

    Training with elastics

    Elastic training is easy and fun: here's how to do it at home, with what exercises and that benefits you can have. Elastic workout is useful, easy and versatile. The elastics are in fact a small perfect gym tool even for home fitness: you can use them at home, put on the...
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  • Benefits of using resistance bands

    Benefits of using resistance bands

    When we think about training our muscle groups effectively and with quality, most of us imagine that the only option to do so is with free weights, or, with articulated devices such as gyms; Options that are very expensive, in addition to the need for broad spaces to tra...
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