What is the philosophy of your product research and development?

To bring better experience to end users and improve cost efficiency.

Can customer’s LOGO be put on your company’s products?

Yes. 80% of our products are customized with customer logo.

How often do you update your products?

We update our product catalog every month and update new products on our website every month.

Can you identify your own products?

Basically, we can identify 80% of the products by color, quality and material.

What are your plans for new product launches?

(1) Find the top-selling products online, analyze the sales data to see whether there’s good market prospect, and select several products that are selling well.

(2) Discuss the characteristics and uses of these products, and consider creating new inspiration or innovation based on them.

(3) Implement the results and place a sample order.

(4) Re-discuss internally after the sample is produced, and discuss with customers maintaining close cooperation with us.

(5) Perform small batch promotions and observe the market response.

(6) We will develop different colors and styles for the products with better market response, and intensify promotions.

What is the design principle and advantages of your product appearance?

(1) Convenient use.

(2) Young and trendy appearance.

What materials are used in your products?

Our tensioners and resistance bands are mainly made of latex and TPE materials. Our sensory training equipment is mainly made of sponge, PVC or PU. Other training equipment is designed to be made of TPR, NBR, STEEL, PP, ABS and other materials.

What certifications have your company passed?


How long does it take to develop the molds for your company?

It usually takes 30-50 days for formal molds, and 20 days for 3D samples.