Benefits of using resistance bands

When we think about training our muscle groups effectively and with quality, most of us imagine that the only option to do so is with free weights, or, with articulated devices such as gyms; Options that are very expensive, in addition to the need for broad spaces to train. However, leagues and resistance bands are an excellent option to train our muscles, as they are economic, light, small and multifunctional accessories, which can translate into excellent muscle training.

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The truth is that resistance leagues and bands not only fulfill an accessory work function (as most can think), but in themselves fulfill a fairly important muscle and bone development function. In the end, they can be as useful and efficient as working with free weights (kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, etc.)

There are many types of different leagues and bands. These are always elastic and can have the shape of a closed loop or not, some bands are thick and flat, others are thin and tubular; Sometimes they are equipped with gights or tips ending in circles. All these characteristics in the end simply create different uses for the bands.

Surely they have already seen the typical strength bands sets that are “coded” by colors to indicate the different levels of resistance. In any case, these colors assigned to each resistance vary from brand to brand, but usually black is always the highest level.

Here you will find 8 benefits of the use of elastic bands in training:
Like free weights or weight machines, resistance bands create a force against which muscles must work. This makes the muscles contract, which stimulates both bone and muscular strengthening.
As the band's tension increases as the range of movement increases, this makes the amount of muscle fibers that are also increased. And the more fibers we use, the greater the force we can acquire with this type of training.
The bands deliver constant resistance throughout the movement, which does the work even more efficient; On the other hand, with free weights or machines there is always a point where one does not work against gravity and therefore there is a rest for the muscle.

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With free weights or machines, only a limited amount of movements can be made, instead with the bands we can deliver resistance to virtually any movement.
The bands not only help strengthen the muscles, but also help us make it more flexible. At the end of training we can use it as an extension of our hand to be able to reach the feet and stretch hamstrings, among many other stretching for arms, shoulders etc.
The bands are excellent to be used as a transition. They help increase resistance to an exercise that uses body weight, but is not as heavy as a bar on the shoulders, or a pair of dumbbells. If you still do not feel ready to lift extra weight but your body weight is no longer a challenge, the elastic band is perfect for you.

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The bands, having endless exercises (we can work legs, buttocks, pectorals, shoulders, biceps, triceps ... even abdominals!) They are excellent for that FIT audience that you like to experience and maintain its constantly varied routines.
The bands are extremely portable. You can take them travel, use them at home, at the beach, at the hotel, etc. The only important thing is to know how to do the exercises correctly if you are going to train alone without someone correcting your shape and movement.
So as you can see, the benefits of elastic bands are Jan and vary depending on your intentions.
We can work upper trunk, lower, flexibility ... In the end everything depends on the bands with which you count and where your imagination arrives.

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Post time: May-10-2022