26 training methods of resistance belt

26 training methods of resistance belt: side inverse, front actions, rowing, external rotation, reach, dental, resistance push-up, deep squat, supreme, single knee, supra, make chest, pushing in the chest pressure, Bending, tall hip, standing grace, standing, standing, leaning legs, sitting leg flexing, pricking leg flexing, standing a hip outreach, kneeling behind, kneeling a hip outreach, sitting position Loosing, standing back and stretching, sitting with a hip outreach.

1. Resistance belt, as the name implies is a tape that auxiliary fitness enthusiasts perform resistance movement. The resistance band is generally made of natural latex.
2. The resistance belt training method is divided into slimming resistance belt training method and a muscle resistance belt training method. Of course, there are also basketball training to train players' coordination. This means that it is possible to reach the target of weight loss and muscle through different training methods by using the resistance band. If it is a slimming resistance tape training method, it is necessary to use the resistance band to ensure a small amount of training for a few times. Use the primary medium-elastic resistance zone, short hours, and more than 30 minutes. Can effectively reduce the fats of your arms, legs, waist. If it is a muscle resistance belt training method, similar to a gym training method, through the training of several movements. The elastic force can be selected from the first, medium, to the maximum elastic force, 15 or so, 4,5 groups complete one action. It is possible to effectively carry out instrument training in the case where it is inconvenient to go to the gym.
3. Resistance can effectively improve muscle strength, physical activity and flexibility.The term resistance exercise will refer to the general type of weight lifting that you do in the gym to get bigger, stronger, more toned, or to increase your muscular endurance.

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