Dual Color Power Pull Up Assist Bands

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Resistance band / pull-up band supports a variety of popular workout routines at home or the gym

Use it for assisted chin-ups and pull-ups, biceps curls, calisthenics, stretching, and more

Helps target specific muscle groups and enhance strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility

Made from latex for reliable long-lasting strength; compact portable design.

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* Product Specifications

1. Material: Natural Latex
2. Color: Various color
3. Size: Length 208cm,thickness 4.5mm,different width different resistance.
4. Logo: customized logo can be printed
5. MOQ: 50pcs
6. Sample Time: (1) 3-7days-If need customized logo.
  (2) within 5 working days for existing samples
7. OEM Service: Yes
8. Test Report Available: ROHS,PAHS,REACH
9. Packing  Details: Each resistance band in a PE bag.
20-25kg resistance bands in one carton
10. Production Capacity:   100,000pcs per month 


* Product description


Great for pull-ups, chin ups, ring dips, muscle ups, weightlifting, powerlifting, mobility training, stretching, pre or post workout warm ups, pilates, yoga, gymnastics, physical therapy and etc.
Assistance for bodyweight exercises - resistance bands are fantastic tools to assist you with bodyweight movements like pull-ups, dips and push-ups, and many other calisthenics movements.

* Questions & Answers

Use Pull-up Bands in compensatory acceleration training of the squat for greater resistance in the top part of the exercise where the movement is easier. With this technique, you have all the assistance to accelerate, and don't let yourself spring back down.
The Pull-Up Bands are used to provide more assistance at the bottom (where the band is taunt) and less at the top during fitness training. The bands enable you to Strengthen the back, arm, and shoulder muscles. It enhances overall body strength and fitness level, giving you all the benefits of an expensive gym.
Each color of the Pull-Up Bands corresponds to a specific level of resistance to make most of your workout.
Pull up bands are great to pay your way to un-assisted pullup. Pullups are one of the best ways to build your back and biceps, and the bands are best used wrapped around a pullup bar and then around your knees to help assist.
The greater width of the band denotes a greater resistance level. For beginners, a higher level of resistance is the best choice. Because the band bears your body's weight, the high resistance bands bear more weight and give you more of an assist. If you are starting, choose a blue or black band. Depending on your weight, you may also want a heavier band to support your body, so always check the specific guidelines for any band you purchase.

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